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Winter 2014
Join Us to Hear Outstanding Speakers at PNNJ's 2th Anniversary Conference                                 (Vol 25. No. 2) 

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Summer 2014
Jonas Salk: A Celebrated Life                                                                                                                   (Vol 24. No. 3) 
Spring 2014
Registration Under Way for Conference: Doctors Glaser and Salk To Be Speakers                                                                                                                                                        (Vol 24. No. 2) 
Fall/Winter 2013
Don’t Be Afraid to Travel                                                                                                                   (Vol 24. No. 1)
Spring 2013
Reservations Being Accepted for PNNJ’s Annual Conference                                    (Vol 23. No. 3)
Winter 2013
Exciting Program Planned for 2013 PNNJ Annual Conference                                 (Vol 23. No. 2)
Summer/Fall 2012
Dr Bach: Non-Invasive Respiratory Therapy
A Must to Treat Post-Polio Breathing and Sleep Problems       
                                    (Vol 23.No. 1)
Spring 2012
PNNJ’s 22nd Annual Conference To Feature Dr John R Bach                                       (Vol 22. No. 3)
Winter 2012
Dr John R Bach to Keynote 22nd Annual Conference on Post-Polio Syndrom         (Vol 22. No. 2)
Fall 2011
Two Child-Eye Views of  Polio Parents Featured at Annual PNNJ Conference     (Vol 21. No. 1)
Summer 2011
A Personal View of "A Family Affair'': PNNJ 21st Annual Conference                 (Vol 20. No. 4)
Spring 2011
PNNJ’s April 16 Conference to be “A Family Affair”                                                          (Vol 20. No. 3)
Winter 2011
Polio Network of New Jersey Honored at State Senate Session                                       (Vol 20. No. 2)
Fall 2010
Polio Network Launches Public Relations Campaign                                                          (Vol 20. No. 1)
Summer 2010
20th Anniversary Luncheon Celebrates PNNJ                                                                         (Vol 19. No. 4)
Spring 2010
Luncheon Will Celebrate 20th Anniversary                                                                                (Vol 19. No. 3)
Winter 2010
Orthopaedic Issues for Polio Survivors                                                                   (Vol 19. No. 2)

Summer / Fall 2009
"Aging well with PPS" is Conference Theme                                                          (Vol 19. No. 1)

Spring 2009
Balance and Swallowing: Conference Topic of Dr S Thomas Westerman                   (Vol 18. No. 3)
Winter 2009
Dr Mary Ann E Keenan to Keynote 19th Annual PNNJ Conference                      (Vol 18. No. 2)
Fall 2008
Joan Headley Describes What’s New in Our Post-Polio World                               (Vol 18. No. 1)
Summer 2008
Dr Maynard Outlines PPS Exercise Criteria at PNNJ Conference                        (Vol 17. No. 4)
Spring 2008        
“New Knowledge, Innovative Remedies” is Conference Theme                             (Vol 17. No. 3)


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