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Polio Network of New Jersey
2011 Annual Conference

On April 16, 2011 The Polio Network of New Jersey held its Annual Conference At the Bridgewater NJ Marriott Hotel. Our Keynote Speaker was Dr. Stuart A. Hirsch, who presented us with "The Leonard Blumberg Memorial Lecture" on polio and post-polio medical issues, followed by questions from the audience.

The Conference also featured additional presentations in which family members shared their experiences in "Life With a Polio Parent: Two Remembrances"; Kimya Jackson: "Polio and Post-Polio from a Daughter’s Perspective" and George Swain: "Polio: A Familiar Shadow That Changes Over Time"

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The Conference is available in DVD format. If you would like to purchase a copy of the Conference in High Quality DVD format, professionally packaged and with easy navigation menus, please send a $10 check PAYABLE TO Polio Network and mail it to the address below. The $10 includes First Class Mailing.

Polio Network of NJ - 2011 DVD
ATT: Lee Bekir
4 Coronet Way
Hillsborough, NJ 08844-4802


NOTE: If you are a medical or educational institution or provider, you may be eligible for free copies. Please print, fill in and mail the form by clicking here.

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