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The PNNJ Multimedia Presentation of
Dr. Margaret Backman

Margaret E. Backman, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the emotional issues related to medical illness and disability.  She has been working in the area of post-polio for more than 25 years, providing supportive therapy, lecturing, and writing on the subject.  Dr. Backman is the author of the book, The Post-Polio Experience:  Psychological Insights and Coping Strategies for Polio Survivors and Their Families, and an earlier book, The Psychology of the Physically Ill Patient.  She received her PhD in psychology from Columbia University and pursued further postdoctoral training in clinical psychology at New York University.  Dr. Backman has participated in several PNNJ conferences over the years.

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Additional reading material from Dr. Backman:
"Pacing and Planning"        (PDF format)
"Managing Stress"               (PDF format)
"Getting a Balance in Life (PDF format)

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